Teleport 7.0 Brings Identity-Based Access to MongoDB

mongodb access

MongoDB users — if you have multiple databases across several computing environments — this announcement of Teleport 7.0 is for you!

This release comes on the heels of our recent funding news, and reinforces our goal to empower engineers and security professionals to unify access to computing resources.

Teleport 7.0

The highlight of this release is the MongoDB support. MongoDB users can now consolidate access to all of their databases in one place, making it more convenient but also ensuring industry best practices for secure access. What do these industry best practices look like? Regardless of the protocol, consider the following:

And that’s exactly what Teleport delivers to MongoDB users out of the box with minimal configuration. In addition to MongoDB access, Teleport 7.0 brings a few additional capabilities to its users, like AWS console access. We’ll cover these in more detail, but first let us introduce Teleport to those who’ve never heard of it.

What is Teleport?

Teleport is an open source, identity-aware, multi-protocol access proxy with an integrated certificate authority. We call this concept the Access Plane. Consolidating access controls, policy and audit across all kinds of cloud resources in one place is the big idea behind the Access Plane concept. Teleport is used in production at NASDAQ, Google, IBM, Square, Snowflake and other leading tech companies.

Currently Teleport can provide access to the following types of resources:

And starting with this release, Teleport supports MongoDB databases, too!

How does MongoDB Access work?

Think of a Teleport deployment as just two dependency-free binaries: the teleport daemon runs on servers, and the tsh command runs on clients. The server daemon can be set up to run with the following configuration:

mongodb secure access

This architecture offers numerous advantages:

But perhaps most importantly, because of Teleport’s multi-protocol nature, this access method works not just for MongoDB, but for other types of databases, SSH servers, Grafana dashboards, etc.

This consolidation of access enables quick and easy enforcement of policies like “members of this group must never touch production data” across all protocols and resource types. Teleport also empowers engineers to grant access dynamically based on intent.

Dynamic Authorization

Dynamic authorization works by temporarily elevating privileges. In other words, nobody should have access to computing resources like databases all the time.

Instead, a client must send an access request via a CLI command by providing a reason for access. The request will be seen in a Slack channel and must be approved by other team members. This workflow is very similar to git pull requests, when developers need the team’s approval to get their code into a production branch.

Access requests are important because they allow us to implement the principle of least privilege without slowing down the engineering team.

access request

Think of Teleport access requests as one-time sudo superpowers which can be governed by Teleport across all databases and environments in real time.

Demo Video

In this 3 minute video Ben is showing how MongoDB access looks in action:

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AWS Console Access

Not a MongoDB user? Not a problem. Teleport 7.0 brings another useful capability for everyone: the seamless access to AWS web console. This means that authenticated Teleport users will be able to open the AWS console with the appropriate set of permissions without seeing yet another login screen.

Support for other cloud providers will follow. Our goal is to empower engineers to enjoy a single login, and rely on a single set of credentials and associated permissions across all protocols, clouds, and resource types.

Try it yourself

Teleport is an open source project and it is being developed in the open. The full changelog of all Teleport releases can be found here, and the list of all 7.0 features and improvements can be seen in this GitHub milestone.

To try Teleport, all you need is just a Linux box:

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