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Teleport Application Access

Quick access to web applications running behind NAT and firewalls with security and compliance

Teleport Application Access


Instant access to internal applications

With Teleport Application Access engineers can quickly find and securely connect to applications without needing to know which cloud they are deployed in or having to log via VPN

Instant Access to Internal Applications
One Access Point for All Applications

One access point for all applications

Teleport’s Proxy Service provides a single access point to connect to applications, whether they are hosted in the cloud, inside a VPC, or deployed behind a firewall. Teleport authenticates users and then brokers encrypt connections to the application.

Awesome User Experience

Awesome user experience

Teleport provides a dynamic view of all computing resources. A single login gives engineers instant, secure access to all computing environments, ending the pain of managing multiple VPNs, secrets storage, and access points. (see demo)


Simple management of application user connectivity

Access privileges can be defined and enforced in a single place, streamlining application access without compromising on security. Managing users and privileges for applications in Teleport is simple and convenient to handle internal and external users such as contractors, partners, and customers

Simple Management of Application User Connectivity
Single Sign On

Consolidated user management

Teleport provides centralized control for administering engineers’ access to all internal applications across all environments. Stop maintaining or sharing credentials for each application. Ensure access to only trusted and authorized engineers.

Easy to Grant Access to App

Easy to grant access to apps

Teleport provides in-line and integrated Access Workflows where engineers can request access to application privileges in their command line and operators can quickly grant or deny the request via Slack, Pagerduty or custom workflow access via the API.

Federate User Access Privileges

Federate user access privileges

Ensure engineers’ access to customer’s systems is compliant with latest security standards by setting up each customer with their own security domain via their own Teleport Proxy. Map engineer access privileges across security domains.

Unified RBAC across applications

Unified RBAC across applications

Teleport synchronizes with RBAC rules, enforcing compliance requirements for applications. Determine which engineers assigned to a role can connect to which application and what their access rights should be within an application if it supports role-based access.


Bring applications into compliance with security standards

It is easy to retrofit existing applications and integrate custom applications to comply with security standards such as SOC2, PCI, and FEDRamp without modification. There’s no need to have developers reinvent access control features when this can be centrally maintained by Teleport

Bring Applications into Compliance with Security Standards

Add security to applications Add security to applications lacking controls

User access can be connected through the Teleport Proxy Service to apply Teleport’s core security features to applications including encryption, authorization, authentication, and audibility. These can be wrapped around application sessions even when these applications lack security features.

Integrate SSO and RBAC Integrate SSO and RBAC

Teleport handles user authentication via SSO and enforces RBAC rules ensuring compliance requirements across all applications. Applications see the user’s role in HTTP headers. Developers can use this data to determine which application features a user should have access to.


Works With Everything you Have

Teleport Application Access is open source and it relies on open standards such as SSH, HTTPS, SAML, OpenID connect and others. Deployed as a single-binary drop-in replacement for OpenSSH, it seamlessly integrates with the rest of your stack.

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